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May 13, 2010 at 3:14 am

Mother’s Day Moments

Mother’s Day this year was a festival of flowers. What mom wouldn’t be tickled pink with that? Well, of course there are those who are allergic to flowers, I suppose. But thankfully I am not counted among them. Instead, I basked in the blooms brought my way this past weekend.

First there was my dad. I wrote about our annual tradition last year. This year is especially bittersweet with the absolute knowledge that barring some scheduled vacation to visit us up north, this was the last time that my father will ring my bell and arrive with an armful of red carnations. He retires in January and moves south to the land of country music, bluegrass, and that brilliant bright orange that arguably goes with no ones skin tone-but those Tennessee Vols fans wear proudly and incessantly nonetheless! As I took the wrapped bouquet of stems from him and he hugged and kissed me, I silently marked the moment in my memory. Times, they are a changin.

There, in the corner of that picture of the carnations-do you see them? They are the gift of my eldest son. He came bearing gifts on Sunday morning. Ceramic pot made in art class. Tissue paper flowers the teacher said to spray with flower scented perfume when they got home. Having not been able to find any of mine in the bathroom he instead, with his ten year old logic, sprayed them with his Axe Body Spray. Heavily, I might add. But in a way they are even more precious, because as I smell them I am reminded of him. Armed with a card from computer class, he decided he needed the accompanying stems of the real variety. So he went out and grabbed a few lilac stems from the yard. He remembered that they are my favorite flower.

Nathan brought to me a begonia. The salmon petals beautiful. A gift for him to give from a very thoughtful and caring Sunday School teacher. One of my grandmother’s favorite flowers. In his newly four year old, preschool kind of way he did not understand that this was to be a gift from him. He ran into the room yelling “Mrs. Fleischman gave you flowers mom”! His innocence and zest make me smile.

Gabriel offered gifts of a card written in Kindergarten handwriting, painstakingly done to give the best work to mom. He had a pin made of clay with a rose pressed into it, painted sporadically and covered in green glitter (like I need more green glitter in my life!). He also gave me a great marigold, planted in school and brought home in the greatest of pots-a plastic cup adorned with Gabriel drawings in sharpie all over the sides.

The day was wonderful in many, many ways. Daddy D and the boyz made breakfast. For the first time in the ten years I have been a mother Daddy D made me pancakes for breakfast. Significant for the fact that every year I have been greeted with a big breakfast of eggs, toast and hash browns. Despite telling him over the years that this is HIS favorite breakfast and not MY favorite breakfast, I had done it a little too gently and he had never really gotten the hint. The fact that they arrived carrying pancakes and little Eli toddled in grasping syrup, it was the greatest gift of all. Quietly Daddy D acknowledged that he had heard me.
A beautiful day. One that brought tears of joy, those of sadness, and those of laughter.

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