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May 17, 2010 at 2:12 am

Gabriel’s Great Gift

Sometimes I wonder how much of the lessons taught
to my little buggers are actually being learned.

Occasionally they surprise you with the craziest things.

We are a family of faith.

We try to teach our children accordingly.

The other day I got a pleasant surprise…

On Mother’s Day Gabriel brought me a special cookbook
they had made in class..

Each page included the child’s name and their favorite food

The “recipe” was the child’s description of how you make that dish.

His read:

Macaroni and Cheese MM MM MM MM
By: Gabriel

First my mom puts some water in. Then she puts it on the stove. Then she puts like 100 noodles in, they look like little thingy’s. Then stir it. Then you put some orange salt cheese in. That’s all I remember, but then it gets hot. Then I eat it and it tastes cheesy! My favorite!

The next section is About the Author:

Gabriel is 6 years old.
He likes to play baseball.
He likes to play on the playground at school.

The last sentence on every child’s page was how the child finished this sentence,
My mom is special because…

I read through all of the other children’s answers.

because she gives me ice cream!
because she likes me and cooks me things!
because she lets me always play outside!

There, at public school in his classroom of twenty, my son gave his answer.
Unlike any other in the book.

My mom is special because God made her special for me!

With tears in my eyes I read my child’s statement of faith.
Lesson learned my wonderful son!

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