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June 15, 2010 at 1:36 am

Medical Worries and Brotherly Shenanigans

The past week at Maison Desrochers has been hectic.

First, while the boyz were playing at the campground in my previous post, Gabriel tripped and fell.  He managed to fall onto a stick that scraped his cheek and injured his left eye.  His left eye was left a little worse for wear.  The past ten days have consisted of arithromyacin ointment three times daily, cooled eye drops and lots of doctor and optometrist visits.  We are blessed that there has been no infection and no scarring as of yet.  We continue our thrice daily routine and return back to the optometrist to check his progress on Thursday.  Hopefully he will get a clean bill of health and there is no permanent damage.  As of now we are just counting our blessings that it scraped the “white” of the eye and not the iris or more critical parts.

Then last Monday one of my favorite people, my girlfriend Marcy, had surgery on her back.  She has been suffering with a lot of back pain for several months now and she had corrective surgery last week.  It was a very long and excruciating day as the procedure was delayed for quite awhile.  They did a fabulous job of fixing her up, and now a week later she is finally feeling better little bit by little bit.  I have had such a great week of conversations on the phone, on skype and in person with her.  She is someone who gives so very much to everyone around her, and it is kind of nice to be able to be the one to lift her up emotionally for once!

This is Marcy two days before her surgery.  Despite being in a debilitating amount of pain and her surgeon refusing to let her continue to work, Marcy showed up at the Relay for Life Cancer Walk.  She is part of a team and despite her condition, she didn’t want to let anyone down!  Pictured with her is our friend, another supermomma, and cancer survivor Fran.  Not only that, my sister and niece participated in the walk too!  I am proud to call these ladies my girlfriends!

Finally, last week Daddy D’s brother came for a visit.  He used to be an east coast guy when we were first married.  We lived less than two hours apart and we did holidays, birthdays and just random movie nights from time to time.  Well, about seven years ago he moved west.  Way west to the mountains of Colorado.  As he was a single dad and we were a young, ever expanding family we haven’t had much opportunity to see each other.

About three years ago Daddy D and Seth flew out when his brother got married.  At the time Gabriel and Nathan were not of an easy traveling age, so I stayed home with them.  Eli wasn’t even a thought.  Three years later, I had yet to meet my new Sister In Law.  Uncle Chris had never met half of the Desrochers boyz, as his last trip east was five years ago.

Last week Uncle Chris and Aunt Alla made their way to the eastern seaboard.  They stopped in New England and saw the rest of the family.  We were honored that they took a bus to New York City, got a rental car and drove up to spend the night with our family.

My sons sat in awe of the mischievous, goofy brothers that their Dad and Uncle Chris became before their eyes.  They had not seen their father interact in the same universal brother kind of way that they do.  As it is the relationship they are most familiar with it was very special to watch their eyes light up with the elbow throwing, joking and rib poking of grown men acting like boyz.

We had a great evening and morning together.  The boyz meeting their aunt and uncle.  I got to know my Sister In Law and smile and laugh over the similarities of being married to brothers raised from childhood in a shared bedroom in ancient bunk beds.  Daddy D got to be a little brother for a period of time that has become very few and far between.

In the meantime I’ve kind of ignored the personal posts this last week.  A few pictures here and there.  Some of the reviews and giveaways that needed to be done.  But forgive me-for life off line was taking from and giving a lot to me.

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