Seth Timberledge

July 12, 2010 at 2:59 pm

Seth’s Set at Timberledge

Yesterday we drove Seth to summer camp and dropped him off for a week.  The same camp that I went to as a child and a teen.  The same camp that my father did before me.  We went through registration, got assigned a tent, brought up his stuff.  
This is his second year as a camper.  He made his own bed.  He didn’t need or want my assistance.  He popped a lollipop in his mouth and said goodbye to us.  Quick hugs.  Then sat down on his cot and told us he’d see us on Saturday.

How much he has grown in a year.  Gone are the nervous jitters.  He was excited to see kids he knew from last year.  I am excited to see him make such a special place to our family all his own.  
It was a stunningly picture perfect day to start camp, and yet it felt a little misty as we drove away.  Funny that.


  1. That first picture makes me think of the original Parent Trap movie! I've never seen a camp like that before…all the camps I've ever been to were cabins or hotel rooms. I'm sure Seth will have a great time!

  2. OMG – how COOL that he went to the SAME camp you and your dad went to! Isn't it bittersweet that he was so “on his own” when you left him???

    I have 4 as well… what are your ages? I have 3 boys and 1 girl… can't believe you have 4 boys. I always thought that would be my life. Too funny!! Love your blog!

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