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July 19, 2010 at 2:05 pm

Ms. Marcy’s Surprise Party

One of my best friends turned thirty on Friday.  She would much prefer to call it the first anniversary of her twenty-ninth birthday, but it was the big three-oh.  For months she has been dreading it.  She has contemplated grand trips to distract her.  She has thought about not emerging from the house in hopes that no one noticed.  The last thing she wanted to do was to commemorate such an occasion.

Well no matter how valid her feelings were, or the shear fact that she is entitled to feel however she wants about changing age brackets, her husband and I weren’t letting her off the hook that easily.  Her other half, Nick, and I had done the thirty thing a little while ago.  And we were going to welcome her to our land of the thirty year olds despite her feeling on the subject.  Only problem was she wasn’t going to hear anything of it.  So in true hubby and trusted friend style we schemed, deceived and talked behind her back for months.

We originally planned a surprise party for a month before her birthday, in mid-June.  A time she would not be suspecting and we would catch her off guard.  The hall was reserved.  The band was booked.  Invitations were sent.  Planning was full steam ahead.  Until two and a half weeks before the party when she went to visit the orthopedist and scheduled back surgery four days before our party.

After a mad scramble, some wrangling of dates and schedules and some frustrated skyping between Nick and I, we managed to move it to the day after her birthday.  Not ideal.  We thought she’d figure it out.

Someway, somehow, we pulled it off.  She was stunned.  Maybe a little ticked.  Embarrassed for a bit from all of the attention.

 But after a few adult beverages she started to enjoy the day.  A wonderful afternoon with family and friends.

The birthday girl with her parents
and with that sneaky husband of hers, Nick

Before we knew it, she was singing with the band and we knew we had done good.

And a party wouldn’t be complete without some birthday cake!  My gift to the birthday girl, a cake I made for her.

She has been gushing for days now.  She can’t stop smiling.  Neither can I.  Because every day Marcy does for everyone else.  She loves her kids beyond measure and is always on the go taking them to and from everything.  She does the same for her husband.  And also for her friends.  More than once (many, many times over) I have been on the receiving end of her generosity and kind heart.  It was great to give back and to celebrate her.

Happy Birthday my dear friend.  It was my pleasure to celebrate YOU!

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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I cannot tell you how special you guys have made me feel-and this post is just the icing on the cake! (or should I say the fondant on the cake!!)

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