August 1, 2010 at 10:36 pm

Camp Timberledge Young Teens 2010

I just got back yesterday from our family vacation.  No, not to the beach or to some great theme park.  Our summer vacation is much more exciting than that.  Daddy D and I run a week of camp for 8th and 9th graders at a Christian camp in Northeast Pennsylvania.

So this post is for my campers and staff.  It will make no sense to those of you who haven’t “been there and done that”.  But humor me, because for those of us who were, it was amazing!

Never Forget: Do you have your 1up?  Paperboy, Qbert, Ms. PacMan, Frogger, Tetris, Zelda, Atari and Nintendo.  Marla waking up Maryanne to go to the bathroom the first night.  The unicorn marshmallow relay.  Spelling with your feet.  Steven blowing up two balloons with his nose.  Fred finding the worms in the whipped cream first.  Sorting and eating the M&M’s.   Tent and cabin checks.  Paperboy being the best camp boys tent we have seen in years.  The hayride.  Giant Super Mario characters throwing glow bracelets at you.  Oh, and Kirby, or Heffalump poo—oh wait, it was Pinky from PacMan.  The overnight hike.  Frogs.  Chapel in the woods.  With an accordion.  It rocked.  Our own special counselor hunt 😉  Britt convinced John was in the woods trying to scare them.  Staff smores.  Water Balloon War.  Eli drinking water balloon water.   Megan being all hardcore going after the general.

 Star child.  GaGa.  Willow is the GaGa guru/queen.  Cody can’t go in reverse.  Even when stuck in the woods.  Real life PacMan, Centipede, Pong and Kaboom.  Finding out that it’s a girl.  Tropical Thursday.  Safari.  The teeny tiny witch doctor.  Manny chimneyed up the tree?  Giant relay race.  Marla lost her glasses in the lake.  Megan rocked some ridiculous socks.  Do you have your code book ready?  Pastor James’ jokes and stories.  Especially the ones about cats.  Andrew’s laugh.  Finding the gold coins.  Just realizing now we forgot to go find the 100 remaining coins hidden around camp.  The band.  Grace like Rain.  Staff vs. Camper kickball.  The staff Mario hats.  Tube Sock.  The staff wins again.  Brittany totally wiping out.  Karley got to be a counselor!  A buddy to do everything with.  The woodland fairy.  QTip.  The No Talent Show.  Radio Mix Girls.  The basketball spinning piano playing combo.  Tonight’s Gonna Be a Good Night.  The date where the guy didn’t like burping.  Qbert doing the toothpaste skit.  The staff doing the toothpaste skit right!  The Albi song.  MANILOW!  Everbodies favorite Psalm.  Mama Saar’s cooking. The campfire.  The friendships.  The fun.  Being so close to God and one another.

It was a good week.  We can’t wait to do it again.  And yes, we have next years theme picked already!  See you all in 51 weeks!

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