September 17, 2010 at 4:28 pm

Exclusively Eli

Every school day come 11:42 a bus comes to pick up Nathan.  Once we wave goodbye to boy #3 on the bus, it is me and Eli for the rest of the day.  I had high hopes of getting to spend time alone with my littlest son.  Turns out he has an awful case of brothersickness.

Once it was just Eli and I, I thought he would talk more.  I thought his only sporadic speaking had to do with his older brothers always speaking for him and figuring out his needs and wants.  Lo and behold, Eli doesn’t speak because Eli doesn’t want to.  As if to prove his point, as soon as his brothers are gone he rarely says a single word until the return.  He nods his head yes and no.  He non-verbally gets his point across.  Granted, he does give me the terrible two’s toddler NOOOO! from time to time.  But overall, the Desrochers house gets very quiet.

I am learning to accept that this is who he is.  Contemplative.  Often quiet.  No use for excessive word usage.  Not something that I, a very loud and talkative person, ever thought I would ever have given birth to.  But the time alone with him has begun to teach me to look for his smiling eyes.  His furrowed, inquisitive brow that reminds me of his father.  And the occasional wide, mouth agape, grin.

All too soon it is 3:20 and the big yellow school bus pulls in front of the house.  Eli usually has just gotten up from his afternoon nap.  He excitedly starts chanting the brothers, the brothers.  He likes to say the name “Seth” the best.  Followed by “Abriel, Abriel”.  Maybe it is the closeness in age or the fact that he is still home half the day with Eli, but Nate usually doesn’t get much mention.  And then he is off and running.  Squealing.  Playing.  Happy to be reunited with his three best friends.

Once in awhile, just to prove that he can, he talks in full and complete long sentences.  He said to my mom yesterday, “I need help with this”.  It makes your eyebrows raise and your ears perk up.  It makes you realize that he is indeed just deliberate with his words and conserves them for the right moments.

On my fourth son, when I thought I had this mommy thing down, I am learning to be a more thoughtful, quiet and contemplative parent.  I learn a lot from my exclusively Eli time.

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