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November 8, 2010 at 7:53 pm

Project #1 in the New House

Although never a dull moment here at the “D” house, we are starting to settle into our new house.  For almost all of the boyz this is their first move.  The plan is it will be their only move until they are off to college.  Even Seth, the eldest, has moved only a few times.  The last of which he was three years old.  Now he is 10 1/2.

Now that we are moved in and things are starting to feel more like home should, the work has begun.  We purchased an old house.  In fact, it used to be a duplex years ago.  But with a family of six, we definitely need all of the space.  The upstairs that used to house a bathroom, two bedrooms and a living room and kitchen will now hold just a bathroom and four bedrooms.

This is where the work begins.  Daddy D and I reside in a women’s worst nightmare.  A bedroom with no closet.  Zilch.  Zero.  Nada.  For two months I have been living out of three dresser drawers and two shelves in our armoire.  Yep.  As horrible as it sounds.  In the way back of the little boyz closet I have a few things hanging.  Bust most of my wardrobe resides in unpacked cardboard boxes.  So excuse me if I show up to your event in yoga pants and one of Daddy D’s long sleeve tees.

I betcha that’s how I won the coin toss.  You know, the big debate over where you start working when the renovations list is a long one.  I think that Daddy D is in want of a wife who wears clothes made for women, and something other than sneakers.  In order to make that happen work commenced on my new closet the middle of last week.

Have I mentioned lately that Daddy D is pretty amazing?  Today’s reason is because he is a VERY handy man.  I wanted a closet.  He asked me to help figure out what size worked.  Then he started building it.  Yep.  2x4s became framing.  A door was hung.  And late last night, after he came home from a four hour fire call, he started hanging the drywall.

I am a bit giddy that by the end of this week I will be hanging things myself.  Clothes in my new closet.  I love that guy!

Work in progress…

Oh, that is most definitely the foot board of my bed as I lounge and admire the work going on.  And yep, poor hubby has to drywall not one but two arches on the left side of the closet.

The one wall with drywall on it!

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  1. He can come enlarge my closet next 🙂

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