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November 23, 2010 at 7:19 pm

Proud Parent/Teacher Conferences

The school year is seeming to fly by.  Yesterday we completed last of the three parent/teacher conferences that we needed to attend.  Our school district requires conferences at the close of the first quarter prior to giving you your child’s report card.  So for the last week we have had parent/teacher conferences.  Lots of appointments, standing in line or sitting in impossibly tiny chairs in hallways waiting for teachers.  Could we please bring in some normal sized folding chairs just for the day?  Pretty please?

We were a bit nervous for this quarter’s grades.  For two reasons.  The first being that we moved the day before school started.  Yep.  Way for us to stress out our kiddos.  And for Seth it was the first time he had moved since he was three.  For the other boyz it was their first move ever.

The second reason was that all of the boyz were going through major transitions at school.  For Seth it was the start of Middle School.  Leaving behind the cocoon the the elementary school was for the hustle and bustle of lockers, classroom and teacher changes.  With a few minor hiccups in personal responsibility and learning to remember when things are due, what day this week his saxophone lesson falls, etc, etc.  But overall he did a great job, ending his first quarter on the honor roll.

Gabriel went to first grade this fall, and for the first time had a different teacher.  He had had the same teacher for pre-K and Kindergarten, moving with her when she moved up last fall.  She loved him, knew him very well and cared for him from the tender age of 4.  But we were lucky enough for him to get a teacher who I have known for decades.  She is the mother of two of my high school friends, and both she and I were excited for the pairing.  Gabriel’s report card was stellar, highlighted by the tremendous job he does in Math and his natural affection for the subject.  He has blossomed this year!

And finally Nate the Great.  I was particularly nervous sending Nathan off to the pre-K program this year.  The first two weeks held some difficult days.  I am very, very glad that we had him evaluated and an IEP in place for him when school started.  I have had an excellent experience working with a seasoned pre-K teacher (also the mother of sons!) who has tirelessly tried to pinpoint Nate’s triggers, preferences and strengths.  It has led to an overall good school experience for Nate.  He is learning a lot and exceeding many of our expectations in this transition year.  Our goal is to get him as functional as possible in a normal classroom setting so that with the start of Kindergarten in the fall he will be successful.  He is well on his way.

Much of Nate’s improved ability to deal with his surroundings can be attributed to his occupational therapy.  At this time he has diagnosed sensory and fine motor issues.  A therapist comes to the house Mondays and Thursdays, and he also has a session in the classroom on Wednesdays.  We, as a family, have learned coping techniques such as brushing, stimulation and calming exercises.

One of the most touching moments in recent memory between the brothers was what I saw in church on Sunday.  As church services are a particularly challenging time; with the large congregation, the live band and the microphones, often Nate can be a bit off the wall.  I looked over on Sunday to see Seth standing behind Nate giving him deep pressure massages on his arms.  And Nate was leaning back into him and relaxing.  I love that as a family we have learned to meet Nate’s special needs.

Here are pictures of Nathan and his therapist Miss Liz during one of their Monday morning sessions.

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