November 27, 2010 at 6:44 pm

Elmer’s Can You Top This? Challenge

While at BlogHer this past summer I got to meet a blogger named Tonya.  I have since been Tonya Staab regularly as she does some wonderful things with food, crafts and family.  All things that I love!  Recently she posted about the Elmer’s Can You Top This? Challenge.  I decided to take the challenge!

As the mom of four I am constantly overloaded with the “project of the day” from school.  Little hands bring me finger painted flowers, letter of the week decorated with corresponding words, scribbled pictures and the like.  I wanted a place to proudly display their masterpieces, but neatly.

I went to Walmart and purchased the Elmer’s Tri-Fold Foam Display Board.

Here is the entire supply list, most of which I already had on hand.

  • Elmer’s Tri-Fold Foam Display Board
  • Elmer’s School Glue
  • Elmer’s Rubber Cement
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Black Permanent Marker
  • Mini clothespins
  • Cardstock in various colors
  • Wood Dowel
  • Hot Glue Gun/Glue
  • Decorative Paper Punches (optional)
  • Glitter (optional)
  • Shape Cutting Patterns (optional)
I wanted a cohesive theme throughout the project, so I focused on the little hands that do all the work on the projects to be displayed.  We traced all of the boyz hands onto the cardstock.  The older boyz actually helped with the younger!

I then cut them out with scissors and then wrote their names on the front.  I then started work on the title on the top of the board.  I do a lot of scrapbooking, so I have a cutting system for making various shapes of different sized.  I chose to do ovals.  You could use a cutting system if you have one, or trace a household object in a shape you like and then cut it out. 
I decided to do a play on words a bit and used the title “HANDiwork”.  By writing the first letters in capitals and the rest in lowercase I hoped to emphasize the work hand in the title, all done just using a black permanent marker.
I attached all of the ovals and hands to the board using Elmer’s rubber cement.  I like that it brushes on evenly, dries clear and most importantly to me-it doesn’t leave wrinkles!
Next  I decided where to put the two “clotheslines” that would hold the artwork.  I punched the holes through the board with a pair of scissors and then tied multiple knots in the back to hold the ribbon and keep it from pulling through.  I then cut a third length of ribbon and hot glued it to the back of the board to use as a hanger.  I also hot glued a dowel across the back to support the folding sections of the board.
I then added the Momma and Daddy touch.  We traced our hands and I cut them out.  Using a little glitter (because everyone loves a little sparkle!) and Elmer’s School Glue I added words and details to both.  I glued them to the board and put…
Finally, using decorative paper punches I made a bunch of little ditties using coordinating card stock and attached them with the Elmer’s School Glue.  The finished project looked like this…

Using mini clothespins I picked up in the office supply section of Walmart for less than $2 I attached some of the boyz latest pieces.
Then I changed it up with a another set of current artwork.  I love how easy it is!
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I am submitting my photograph to the Can You Top This challenge.


  1. Very cute idea! A great way to display and rotate the projects!

  2. This is a great idea! Love the hands!

  3. This is so cute! I love the creativity!

  4. Very cute! Thanks so much for participating.

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