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December 15, 2010 at 8:02 pm

Big Boyz and Cub Scout Cake Competitions

Last night was the annual Cub Scout Cake Competition.  This year we had not one, but two cub scouts competing.  Last year was a bit difficult for Seth, but thankfully this year was prefaced with an announcement that the kid’s should be doing the decorating.  We googled pictures and ideas.  Seth, the Weblos 2, decided on a 3 dimensional tall Christmas tree.  Gabriel, the Tiger, chose a gingerbread house made of cake.

They went to work.  One night of cake baking and one night of decorating.  Hours and hours of work.  Seth learned how to using an pastry bag and icing tip.  He spent forever covering the tree in little green strings.

He added red Twizzler Pull n Peel garland…
and some fabulous candy decorations
topped with some powdered sugar snow…
finally added the white chocolate star on top and his was good to go…
Gabriel helped coat his cake in a beige tinted peppermint vanilla buttercream (Seth used the same holiday inspired homemade icing).  He then roofed the gingerbread house in Necco wafers…
he learned to make special decorations using a chocolate mold…

and decorated with lots and lots of candy
His final product, fabulously executed for a six year old!
Now on to the competition.  My cub scouts with their creations on the judging table…
I loved that they learned new things.  I loved that I got to share some tricks of the trade, having done lots of cake decorating myself.  And I was so very proud of them.  They spent so much time and hard work.  When other kids started saying that their mom must have made them, I was happy to see them defend their work and tell them about the things that they had learned to do.  Seth saying that you squeeze the bag, press, stop squeezing, pull away.  Gabe giving one parent a tutorial on chocolate work.  They had learned well, and had followed the rules.
How did it all turn out?  I am tempted not to share.  Gabriel, right before the judging, turned to me and said “it doesn’t matter if I win, right?  What matters is I had so much fun doing it”.  I smiled and nodded yes.
But alas, I will be a beaming momma and say Gabriel, as a tiger and the youngest cub scout group, walked away with a ribbon for Best Decorated of all of the cakes.  And Seth, well sometimes things are sweeter the second time around.  Seth Mason won Best Overall of the entire competition!

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  1. Congrats to both your boys! Their cakes turned out SUPER cute!

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