December 17, 2010 at 5:50 pm

Gabriel’s Hanukkah Wish

The boyz attend public school.  This time of year they do a whole series of lessons on all of the holidays celebrated by different religious and cultural groups.  Last week was Hanukkah week in the first grade.  Gabriel came home brimming with new found information.

Over the weekend we were planning the cakes for the cub scout competition.  He asked if everyone would make Christmas cakes.  I said that there might be other holidays or just winter and snow themed cakes.

“Mom, what would you make for a Hanukkah cake?  A menorah?”

“Maybe” I replied, “or perhaps a dreidel”.

“Oh, I know what would make the best Hanukkah cake EVER!” he excitedly chirped.  “A latke cake.  And applesauce.  If you’ve got latkes you have to have applesauce”.

“Gabriel, I would love to see a latke and applesauce cake.”

“Mom, Mrs. Barbuti (his teacher) makes the bestest latkes.  Even better than McDonalds”.

I laughed, but did not correct him.  I am curious to see if he will now refer to the occasional McDonald’s hash brown as a latke.  And if you are wondering, alas the cake competition did not have a latkes and applesauce submission.  Disappointing, I know.

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  1. potato latkes are yum. we made them twice this year, a cake sized one is usually called a kugel. very easy to make, grate potatoes, an onion, some eggs, oil, salt and black pepper, a squash, mix it all together and bake.

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