December 21, 2010 at 3:19 am

Our Christmas Trees

We are finally finished putting up the Christmas trees.  Yep, that was plural.  Here at the Desrochers house we do two Christmas trees.  To understand why I must go back to when I was in college *ahem* 13 years ago.  For my 20th birthday in the first week of December my roommate and I decided to have a tree trimming party.  We had our first apartment and after two years of lack luster dorm celebrating we were ready to do it up big.  We went to Walmart and bought the $19.99 special.  A scraggly 6 ft tall tree.  But it worked.  We tied gold ribbons on the branches, people brought ornaments and we topped it with a big gold and white bow.  It was a fabulous night of stringing cranberries and popcorn, cutting snowflakes and a feeling of a family away from home.  I will always remember my friends Mai and Amanda making sugar cookies in the long, thin kitchen.

Fast forward a couple of years and I was married and had a little guy.  We were still putting up that Walmart special artificial tree.  The branches were filled to the max, laden with my sons first ornaments as well as his first crafty creations.  And yet interspersed were the gold and white ornaments that had started in that little Albany apartment.  I had added one or two every year.  And although I loved my son’s handiwork, I missed my tree.
The solution came in the form of a big 7 1/2 foot tall tree covered in rainbow lights, some flashing.  Circled in red shimmery garland and dotted with sprays of circle sequins, topped with a star.  I even scoured the internet and added bubble lights that I had seen as a little girl on my Aunt Diane’s tree and was fascinated.  The ultimate kids tree.  It sits in our living room.  Covered in ornaments that mark milestones, the boyz favorite character of the year and their precious handmade creations.  This is the tree that we gather around to open presents on Christmas morning.  This is our family tree.

Although the $19.99 tree has long been retired, I have my tree as well.  It used to sit in the dining room, but as our new dining room isn’t finished, this year it sits in my kitchen.  Covered in cool white lights, draped with gold beads and wrapped in gold and white ribbon it is my secret joy of the holiday season.  Gold and white ornaments from all the different stages of my life.  Hand painted ones by my mom’s sister Aunt Nancy.  Hand me down ornaments that were my Grandfather’s, given to me out my dad’s sister Aunt Nancy (yep, I have two!) that same year I held that birthday party to start my own tree.  Warm.  Sparkly.  Beautiful.

This year I added my favorite ornament yet to my gold tree.  A glittery gold key to commemorate buying our house.  Finally, after all of these months, this house feels like home.  Unpacking the ornaments and hanging them was a trip down memory lane.  Remembering where I came from.  Rejoicing in where we are now.  Home.
Hoping that you have Home and Family this holiday season, and wishing you Joy.


  1. I love it! Your personal tree is so beautiful too! {And I'm not normally a fan of gold, but together with the white and the tree…. just beautiful!}

    I love the key too! Congrats on being a home owner!

    Merry Christmas! Enjoy your tree with breakfast!!!

  2. Heather @ Girl Gone Mom says:

    I also love the gold – it's beautiful!

    Merry Christmas Jennifer!

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