January 10, 2011 at 7:41 pm

Eli Goes Sledding

As promised, Daddy D took the boyz out in the snow yesterday.  Tomorrow I’ll share pics of all five of my favorite guys.  But while I was watching them I was drawn most to the squeals, smiles and shouts of Eli.  This was his first full blown sledding experience.
Daddy D would give him a push, and off he’d go.
When he reached the bottom he would stay in his sled and yell “Help, help”!
Eventually Daddy D joined him sledding.

Mostly, though, he delighted in the ride back up…
After about half an hour it was time for little E to come in.  Wet mittens were discarded.
And a warm cozy nap was what was in order…
Sometimes I forget what a wonder the “firsts” can be.
  It is always a joy to experience them through Eli’s sparkling eyes.

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  1. I love his ride up:)

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