January 18, 2011 at 3:49 pm

Eli’s Alone Time

Today is snow day #3 in the course of that many weeks.  After a three day holiday weekend I was ready for that big yellow school bus to pull up this morning, but alas the snow and sleet overnight thwarted my plans.  Now, in a moment of relative calm while Seth is teaching the younger boyz chess, I am doing blog project triage.  Trying to see what it is that I can accomplish today and what can wait until tomorrow.

While downloading my pictures off of my camera I came across a set from Friday.  Oh Friday, you seem so long ago already!  Friday was Daddy D’s first day off in a string of four.  Just the way it happened with his schedule and the holiday.  After we had placed Nate the Great on the Pre-K bus right before noon we bundled up Eli and got in the minivan.  We headed off to where we, as new homeowners, spend most of our time and our money-the Home Depot.  In the end certain stores didn’t have what we needed locally so we traveled to the larger area about a 45 minute drive away.

After a much longer trip than the original hop in the car and drive to the next town over plan, we stopped at Applebees.  We ordered food.  We waited.  He colored.  He chatted up a storm in his solo glory.  And we got a  rare, quiet moment to treasure our fourth born son.

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  1. They are so different when the big boys aren't around! He is such a cutie:)

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