January 25, 2011 at 6:14 pm

Perfect Eli

Occupational Therapists come to the house several times a week for Nathan.  Always in the morning before he boards the bus for Pre-K, and while the older boyz are at school.  Leaving just Eli with no one to play with.  More often than not he mimics the therapies.  He lines up next to Nate at the wall and pushes against it, just like his big brother.  He will roll his own ball of play doh while Nate does.  Whenever Nate does a puzzle, Eli finds one of ours, brings it into the living room and lays down and does it himself.  He thinks therapy is quite fun indeed.

So in November when one of the therapist asked if we had gotten Eli evaluated, I replied no.  But it got me to thinking.  All three older brother have fine motor skills issues that are significant enough to warrant several times weekly occupational therapy.  Two have sensory issues as well.  Which makes Daddy D and I agree to an early intervention screening.

Last week the evaluators came to the house.  Amidst the snowstorms, slick roads and cancelled school.  The house was brimming with wound up boyz.  The older ones went upstairs to play, and I sat and watched as Eli did the tasks required of him.  All of them.

I sat in awe of my child, who just recently began talking on a regular basis as he has three older brothers who do all the talking for him.  That same boy named item after item, animal after animal, sizes, shapes, colors.  He jumped, he kicked, he stacked, he sorted.

At the end of the hour and a half the evaluators were grinning.  They were so excited to tell me that Eli is 100% in normal limits across the board.  Speech, motor skills, sensory.  Everything.  It was the first time in years that they had gotten to tell a family that.  It was the first time in my parenting years that I had gotten to hear that.  I got teary eyed.

Not because this makes him better than the others.  By no means.  But because for years and years I have watched each of the older boyz struggle in one way or another.  Seth who would cry as I held his hands and finger painted because he didn’t like the feeling of squishy.  Gabriel who would be so frustrated that he could not cut a circle to make it look like the other kids in his class.  And Nathan, to watch Nathan struggle day in and day out to do things like sit through a church service with music, it truly breaks my heart.

This week I celebrate normal.  Whatever that is on a paper.  To me it means that my fourth son gets somethings easier than the others.  Maybe it’s God compensating him a bit for his birth order.  Because truth be told, he is often on the bottom of the heap or tailing behind the big boyz.  Trying to keep up and do what they do.  In the words of one of the evaluators, there is no greater physical and occupational therapy in life than three older brothers.  Eli Noel, you are blessed.

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  1. Yay for great news! He has such a sweet smile:)

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