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January 26, 2011 at 5:58 pm

The Minnie Baby

One month ago today my niece arrived.  In truly dramatic fashion.  In the middle of snowstorm.  My sister had been having sporadic contractions all day, but nothing regular or close together.  At about 4:20 in the afternoon we got a call to come pick up the soon-to-be big sister as the contractions were more intense.  My 17 month old niece (referred to as Mocha here on the blog) had figured out something wasn’t normal with mommy and kept trying to comfort her.  But mommy needed to concentrate, so according to plan Mocha was to come over to Auntie and Uncle’s house.

I put on my boots, bundled up and started the van.  I started the short jaunt to their house 3 miles away.  The roads were horrible.  I was slipping.  All I kept thinking was don’t get in an accident, that takes way too long to fill out the paperwork.  I arrived at their house about 4:45 and went inside to get Mocha.  But what I found was a very uncomfortable sister.  They had placed calls to the answering service who had tried paging the doctor.  Despite the fact that the contractions were still all over the map, some 30, 15 or 5 minutes apart, you could visibly tell that she was in labor.  I talked with my brother in law and suggested that since the roads were bad, get her to the hospital now and if they say it’s not progressed enough to stay-sit yourself in the lobby and wait.  He agreed.

I took Mocha home to a house full of excited, bubbling cousins.  They played.  Daddy D went out to grab some pizzas and more diapers, as Mocha and Eli wear the same size and it was a snowstorm.  I text my brother in law “Let me know when you have arrived at the hospital safely”.  Daddy D returned from the store and started to warm up the oven to cook the pizzas.  My phone went off.  I reached for it and checked the message. “We have arrived, and so has the baby”.  I yelped.  It was only 6:15.

Apparently they got their bags and were headed to the car right after I left at 4:55 and my sister’s water broke.  With that, the contractions started coming quickly.  It took them about half an hour to get to the hospital in the snow, with slick roads, and heavy contractions.  They arrived at labor and delivery at 5:30 on the nose.  My niece was born at 5:42.

I had the honor of bringing in Mocha to meet her new sister.  It was fabulous to watch such a little girl try to make the connection of what had happened.  Who this tiny person was that would entirely change her life.  There was something beautifully poetic about guiding my darling niece on the day she became a big sister.  A role that has defined me most of my life, as my baby sister is her mom.  The big sister held the new big sister as we walked into the room.  The little sister held the little sister.  And the next generation began what I hope will be as special a bond as my sister and I share.

Today my littlest niece turns one month old.  In honor of that, I get to introduce her to the blog with her own moniker.  My sister and brother in law are kind enough to allow me to share about my nieces here with pictures and stories.  They just ask for pseudonyms for them.  Hence my niece Mocha.

So today I officially introduce my youngest niece, Minnie.  Named for her size, and for the squeaks she makes from time to time.  I love her tiny little fingers and toes.  I love the countless expressions she makes day in and day out.  I love the way she already adores her Uncle John and will stare into his eyes.  I love all of her.

Our friend and photographer Katie B took pictures of Minnie.  Like that fabulous one at the top of the post. Here are some others.  Be sure to check out her website!  


  1. Shooting Stars Mag says:

    oh gosh, they are adorable. and i love their “names.” cute idea!! good thing she got to the hospital in time. that's crazy. sounds like my friend who just had a baby…but no snow and she had a bit more time. haha


  2. What a sweetie! Those picture are amazing too! I love the last one with the matching flowers in their hair:)

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