January 28, 2011 at 7:40 pm

Seth Crosses Over from Cub Scouts

Last night we gulped down a quick dinner and hurried out.  We met friends and family and headed inside to Seth’s crossing over ceremony.  For four years now Seth has been a cub scout.  He has progressively risen through the ranks of Wolf, Bear, Weblos 1 and Weblos 2.  Last night he crossed over into Boy Scouts.

We stood on the makeshift bridge, a couple of ropes strung between chairs, and I removed his Weblos neckerchief and unbuttoned the shoulder straps.

Off he went and we walked behind.  Welcomed by the Troop. Given a Boy Scout neckerchief.  Impossibly large on his small frame.  But don’t mention that to him.  He doesn’t like be the smallest.

Daddy D and I returned to our seats.  There he stood amongst the Troop.  And that was all I could think about. How small he was next to all of this young men.

 It feels like yesterday that we took him to his first meeting.  It took weeks to learn the Cub Scout Promise.  Together we would repeat it again and again.  I knew it as well as he did.

Yet yesterday he stood and recited the Boy Scout version.  I had checked on him before dinner, asking if he had everything that he needed.  He looked up from a book and told me that he was studying for tonight.  I didn’t think to ask what.  My little boy who had needed so much help has grown.

Gabriel stood with the Pack on the other side.  A tiger, just starting out.  He watched in awe as his brother moved on.

It gave me pang that they will no longer be together.  It goes by so fast. Congratulations Seth on completing the Cub Scout program!

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