February 9, 2011 at 5:38 pm

Seth Goes To The New York Philharmonic

Last week Seth went with his middle school band to see the New York Philharmonic.  They traveled to New York City and got to sit in Avery Fisher Hall.  They heard Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony.  And then they heard three pieces by very young composers, as in fourth and fifth graders in the New York City Public Schools.

Seth particularly enjoyed a piece entitled Classical Disco Vibe by Musa Jatta, Jr.  The composer came up with the piece by combining the classical sounds of Beethoven with the disco feel of the Jackson Five and Earth, Wind & Fire.
Here is Seth and his friend Trent at various points throughout the day.  As if to prove how small town we really are,  Trent’s dad and I went to high school together.   And his mom, she is the little sister of my grade school best friend.  

I love that by choosing to live where we do we get the best of both worlds.  We have a definite small town life, my children have teachers that I had, but we are in about a two hours drive from one of the most amazing cities.  There is something fabulous about the fact that he boarded the bus for school in the morning, went to see one of the best orchestras in the world, and was home in time to tell us all about it over dinner with the family.

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