February 22, 2011 at 1:32 pm

Nathan’s Happy Birthday Story

Saturday we had a birthday party for Nathan.  It was his fifth birthday last week, and it is the first time since he turned one that we have had a full on bash for him.  I have to say that I had a lot of apprehension while planning this party.

Nate’s sensory issues have left me worrying all of the time.  I worry about going to church and the music being too loud.  I get nervous going to Walmart because if the store is too busy it might set him off.  There are so many little things day to day.  You want to make the best decisions to not aggravate something beyond his control.

So this party was carefully, meticulously planned.  At a time when he would be the least likely to be overtired and most likely to be able to weather the stimulation.  In our home, despite it being the middle of winter and a venue like a fast food restaurant might have been an easier choice.  We figured if need be we could take him to the quiet of his room to calm him down.  I made t shirts for himself, his brothers, my husband and I, and his godparents.  Specific to the party theme, but that way if he was overwhelmed he could easily find those closest to him in the crowd.

I let him choose the theme.  He wanted his Nathan’s Hot Dog party.  We talked about what he wanted to have.  He was big on hot dogs, fries and soda.  We wanted to be sure we met his expectations and understood what he felt the day should entail.

Despite my angst, I did what he asked and invited his entire class.  Made easier by the fact that in our rural area usually only two or three show up.  In fact only two did.  Thankfully so.  Two lovely boys and their mothers came and gave him the personal touch of school friends.  Along with our close friends and family, the guest list came out perfect.

The party itself went well.  Carnival games.  Food.  Crafts.  Fun.  No meltdown was had.  He had a wonderful time.

We lit the candle on the cake.  The room sang.  My child, sensitive to noise and stimulation, smiled from ear to ear.  Basking in the love of the room he thrived.

Happy Birthday Nathan John Paul.  You continue to teach me so much.  I love you, Mom.


  1. so glad it went well, he really does look happy!!!! happy 5th bday!!!

  2. I'm so glad the party when well! His shirt is adorable and you did such a great job on that cake!!

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