February 27, 2011 at 4:42 am

Winter Pool Time

The Cub Scouts had family swim night not too long ago.  Amidst the ridiculous amount of snow and right smack in the middle of a minus 0 cold spell.  I had no desire to don a bathing suit in mid February.  The cold had me in a funk, and well,so did my winter weight.

Daddy D didn’t mind.  He found it a nice change of pace to swim around in the heated indoor pool.  So did the boyz.  It was fun to watch them all splash, swim and slide their way through the evening with friends.  I enjoyed it from a poolside lounge chair.  It suited me just fine.

No, not father and son at all!  
Silly water faces!

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  1. fun!! I love getting time in the pool in the the winter, it feels good. what a great winter scouting activity. think i might have to suggest it for next year.

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