March 23, 2011 at 12:15 am

Gabe’s Movie Theme Birthday Cake

Gabriel’s 7th Birthday was last week.  I’ve shown you the decor for his birthday party yesterday, and today I’m showing you his birthday cake.  The cake itself was a devil’s food chocolate cake iced in a vanilla buttercream icing.

To make this movie themed birthday cake I started with the top layer.  The cake is a a two layer 6″ round cake. I wanted it to be a larger version of the popcorn cupcakes that I made for Gabriel’s class.  I covered it in white fondant.  I then added a red ribbon of fondant around the top and bottom of the sides.  The stripes are individually cut and added between those top and bottom pieces.

I then covered the top of the cake, already iced in fondant, with buttercream icing.  Using the same method of cutting both traditional white marshmallows and  the yellow marshmallows from the multi-color pack, I placed them all over the top.  Want to know more about that part of the cake?  Be sure to read the details in the cupcake post.

The bottom layer was a two layer 8″ round.  Again I covered it with a white fondant for a clean base.  Using almost the same method as the top with two black ribbons, but prior to putting them on the cake I punched out circles.  When added to the cake, and then solid black stripes added in between, it gives the appearance of a film strip.

The added details in fondant were a red carpet draped over the bottom layer, as well as a movie reel and a scene marker with Gabe’s name.

The birthday boy loved it!


  1. LOVE the cake!!!

  2. That cake is seriously adorable!

  3. Denise & Justine says:

    That cake is awesome! What a great job you did!

  4. That cake is awesome! It looks like he had a great birthday. 🙂

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