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March 30, 2011 at 8:16 pm

Grateful For Cousins (Day 2)

Today I am grateful for cousins.  My youngest, Eli, and my niece, Mocha Cub, are 10 months apart.  I watch my nieces while their parents work, so they are almost as comfortable in my home as they are in their own.  They also have a very special bond with my sons.

I grew up living very far from my cousins.  Some were on Long Island.  Some were in a small town hours and hours away, and the last set were in Rochester.  As a result I would only see them a handful of times, sometimes not even once a year.  That makes me appreciate the time that the little ones get to spend together.

Today Mocha Cub came into my living room after arriving at my house.  She found Eli on the potty.  They have both started potty training, and Mocha has been catching on a tad bit faster.  When she saw Eli sitting on the potty she started clapping and saying YAY!  She was so genuinely excited for his progress and naturally supportive of her cousin.  I love that they have that bond.

Mocha & Eli Potty Training
(and yes, the “important parts” are covered)
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  1. these kiddos just warm our hearts! they are adorable.

  2. Hysterical. I bet you pull that photo out at someone's rehearsal dinner!

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