April 8, 2011 at 3:34 pm

My Child Was Assaulted Today

This morning has not gone at all like I had planned.  It started with the phone ringing at 8:30.  It was the school nurse.  Seth had just gone to class after spending half an hour icing his head in her office.  Icing his head?  Why was he icing his head?  All she could say that there was some sort of scuffle when he was getting off of the school bus, he had been picked up and something hit his head.

I literally took the phone away from my ear and looked at it.  What?  Seriously, WHAT?  The rest of the conversation was a bit muffled as I tried to wrap my head around what she was saying.  That effectively my child had been assaulted by another student.  Badly enough that after half an hour of icing his head the dizziness had worn off and she sent him to class. But if he didn’t return to be checked in half an hour she was going to look for him.  She mentioned that she had given the information to the assistant principal to handle.

I yelled to Daddy D who was downstairs.  He came up to our bedroom and we sat on the bed as I told him about the phone call.  I was barely finished with reiterating the conversation when he had phone in hand calling the assistant principal.  We spoke with him and then got ready to head to the school.

Nothing prepares you for the flood of emotion you feel as a parent when you see your child with your own eyes after he has been wronged.  My eyes welled as Daddy D examined the lump above his right ear.  Soon that was replaced with a wave of anger and disgust as my son recounted the incident.

He was waiting in line to exit the bus when he called out to his younger brother Gabriel.  Gabe attends a different school and was still seated, as he wasn’t even getting off of the bus.  Gabe has been having a difficult week and Seth wanted to give him a word of encouragement.  To tell him to have a great day and to do well with his reading.  This was thought to be an attempt to cut in line (?) by a kid behind Seth who then proceeded to pick Seth up and throw him.  Threw him so that his head hit the safety bar on the window as a result.

Thankfully the assistant principal was thorough in his investigation.  He spoke first with Seth, hearing about the incident and assuring him that he would take care of it.  He then talked to other students on the bus, seeing that his version was indeed the truth and then finally spoke with the student who was responsible.  There has been consequences and we are confident that it has been handled properly.

I am pleased that the school agreed with us, as we truly found this to be a black and white issue.  To us, when something so physical takes place a student needs to be held accountable for his actions.  If this had happened with adults, the offender would have been arrested for assault.

Now we are left with helping our son through this.  But hopefully today he learned one thing, Mom and Dad have his back.


  1. Ughh, I can't imagine how upset you must be. Glad he is ok and the school handled it well.

  2. Oh no! What a horrible feeling…and your boy probably didn't suffer anywhere near what YOU are as a mom. Kids can be so cruel and heartless! I am glad it wasn't more serious and that the offender will be punished. ((HUGS))

  3. That is terrible! I'm so happy to see that he doesn't seem to be too terribly hurt, but really it could have been much worse. I've never understood why kids are so mean to each other. I'm sending my oldest to school next year, and it's stuff like this that has me a little scared.

  4. oh my god. i am so sorry that happened to your son. heartbreaking. crazy to think one kid would do that to another. i know it happens but you never want to see your child hurt. i hope things are resolved when he goes back to school.

  5. I am so sorry! I can't even imagine! I do hope the offender was punished and there are no more incidents!

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