April 25, 2011 at 9:24 pm

Da Boyz, Easter 2011

Easter Sunday is one of the few times a year that I get all of my guys together and take a family picture.  That, and Christmas Ever, are the only opportunities this rambunctious gaggle of boyz give me.  Now granted, never has there been a picture with everyone looking at the camera and smiling.  I am convinced that with four sons that might be statistically impossible.  Every time we added another boy it got more and more difficult to get that “perfect” shot.  But now, with the six of us, there is no such thing.

This year’s theme was navy.  Yep.  I have a theme.  I don’t try to do matchy matchy most of the time.  I mostly pick an overall look and go with it.  This year meant plaid dress shirts for the older boyz, striped ones for the little boyz and a striped shirt for Daddy D.  In true mom fashion I didn’t buy anything for myself until I had all of my guys covered, which ended up meaning that I just grabbed a stack of navy dresses and tried them on until I found one that I liked.

Taking pictures after church sometimes calls for a little comic relief…
Hope you had a happy Easter with your friends and family!


  1. You boys are all so handsome! I love your themed shirts for them…and I love that your hubby gets in on it too! Jason won't let me dress him like the boys!

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