May 6, 2011 at 2:20 am

Do You Want Ketchup With That?

We’ve been trying to eat more fish in our family.  A little bit of something new.  Not necessarily well received by da boyz.  Most of them did okay.  Nate was not liking it at. all.  So he asked for a little ketchup.

There was nothing “little” about the ketchup.  Do you want some fish with that ketchup?

But truth be told, he ate the whole thing!


  1. Cute! My kids used to “chechup” everything! I found you on Momspark.
    New fan via fb/twitter and gfc.
    I am leaving an Alexa review:)
    Glad 2 find you.

  2. LOL! We go through a ton of ketchup at our house too:)

  3. My daughter has a tendency to use fries, etc. as a means to get ketchup to her mouth more than anything! She'll use the same fry over and over and over too!

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