June 23, 2011 at 3:17 am

Father’s Day Dilemma

Father’s Day dawned a beautiful Sunday.  Warm weather. Sunshine.  The works.  We had a fabulous day together.  We went to church.  We went to Friendlys for lunch.  Every single boy behaved the entire time.  We went to Lowes and let Daddy D shop around.  And every single boy behaved.  It was an amazing day.

Then I asked Daddy D what he would like to do next.  He said he wanted to go home and take out the bushes.  It was his special day.  We headed home to start the project.  As we drove I was conflicted.

These are the bushes.  A huge bunch of thorny masses in the middle of the backyard.

They are so tall it prevents me from seeing over them, and subsequently the little boyz playing behind them.  They are very, very thorny.  And they are right near our playset.  Logically it was a great choice.  But my heart twinged a bit.

We bought my Dad’s house.  He retired and moved to Tennessee and we purchased the house from him.  We have lived here the better part of a year now, but it’s my Dad’s house still.  Slowly but surely we are making changes to make it our home.  All of the upstairs bedrooms have been drastically changed.  We’ve made updates in the kitchen.  It is starting to feel a little bit like ours.

But when we are going to make a big change I still cringe inside.  Whether or not it will make a huge improvement on how we use the home and the land, I still think about my Dad’s preferences.  He loved the bushes.  He loved the way they flowered in the spring.  The way it made the backyard feel more private and enclosed.

Daddy D took the chainsaw and hedge trimmer and went to work.  I helped.  Hands clad in leather gloves.  The thorns still scratched my arms and legs through my clothing.  In a little over two hours we had done what we could.

We had to buy a new blade for the chainsaw before we can cut down the graveyard of tree stumps we uncovered.  But it is more open.  Less dangerous.  Just what we thought.

I called my Dad when we got inside and cleaned up.  To wish him a happy Father’s Day.  I was a bit more reserved than usual.  A little quieter.  It was Father’s Day, and yet I had done something he wouldn’t like.

But more importantly I honored my husband.  I gave him a gift that he wanted and what I knew would work for our family.  And that would make my Dad  proud.  I just haven’t told him yet…

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