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July 16, 2011 at 2:39 am

My Dad’s Words

My Dad is a pastor.  It is not just what he does, it is who he is.  There is no off switch.  Not just on Sundays, everyday.  Sometimes there are drawbacks to this.  Having a parent schooled in counseling and faith.  There are times when I want to just say something to my Dad, as in my father figure, and he starts with the analysis.  And I have to reroute him.  Can you just be my dad right now?

But this week I found the beautiful silver lining to dark heavy cloud hanging in my life right now.  You see, there is this incredibly difficult, heart wrenching thing happening in my family.  But in the other part.  The stepfamily side of things.  The one that became the other half of my twisted tree branch when I was ten.

One night a midst the tears and hurt I picked up the phone.  To call my Dad who was a bit removed from the situation.  To say I need my Dad, but I need that preacherman too.  And boy did he bring it.  The words came as such a soothing balm.  The tenants of faith. The confidence in God’s Perfect Plan.  The counseling through grief.  The reminders of how to be towards that other side of the family.  The heart that I need to have.  The love I need to go forward with.  The tenderness that I need to express.

I was grateful.  And blessed.  When my Dad ended the phone call by saying “Let me pray with you babygirl” I cried anew as the words poured from his mouth.  It was a beautiful reminder of his love and His love.  My heavenly father gave me all that I needed to be comforted in the words of my earthly father.  He is good.  Even in the middle of the hardest times.

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  1. Your dad is a gift. And God is Sovereign. Hope today is good. xoxo

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