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July 22, 2011 at 12:46 am

Christmas in July with Storkie.com

Right after the first of December I always look forward to when the Christmas cards start coming in the mail.  There is something about those hand-addressed envelopes that hold a message of good will coming from those you hold dear.

My absolute favorites have to be the photo Christmas cards.  I love to see the friends and families change and grow each year.  Whether they are close or far away it is always something I look forward to opening.  I also can never bring myself to get rid of them!  Often I put them on my refrigerator to remember them throughout the year.
When browsing the Storkie.com site I found these great Christmas photo magnet cards.  Makes it even easier to put it on the fridge! 
I guess it makes it a rare occasion that I have actually throw away Christmas cards.  I keep them for all sorts of things.  Although some of those old-fashioned embossed holly leaves covered in gold foil, I tend to toss a few of those time and again.  
I think the cards people send say so much about them.  I always love the stylish Christmas cards.  Some of the modern cards have such beautiful, graphic designs and typography.  I often keep them to use for craft projects! Even now, in the hot summer months, the words like Joy, love & peace would be inspiring-especially on the aqua color.
Old Christmas cards can be a great resource for those summer crafting projects for kids, especially when they get the summer vacation doldrums.  I give them some old cards, construction paper, glue and some glitter and let them see what they come up with.  The creativity can be astounding, and at little to no cost to me!  
What I do try to remember when picking a Christmas card is that it is something that many people remember and often treasure.  I try to take care in picking cards that reflect myself, my family and our personal style.  And it is never too early to start thinking about those cards!  Some of my favorite pictures to get for the holidays are those on a sandy dune or feet dipped in an ocean.  Being from New York, the thought of summer sun brings warmth in the cold of winter. 
So do a little celebrating Christmas in July and plan ahead for this coming year!
I have been compensated for this post. All opinions expressed, however, are my own.

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