Nathan Wordless Wednesday

August 24, 2011 at 3:11 am

Wordless Wednesday- Goodbye Miss Liz

Last week we said goodbye to one of the most important people that we have met this last year.  Nathan finished his summer occupational therapy sessions, and brought to a close our time with our therapist Miss Liz.  He will resume services in school next month, but with the therapists there.

It was hard to say goodbye to Miss Liz.  She has taught us so much.  In actuality she gave us a handbook on how to love our son best.  As a family we have grown so much and learned the ways that Nathan learns, feels, and experiences the world.  She has been a therapist to our entire family by teaching us about one of our own.  And we have watched Nate blossom under her guidance

She will be greatly missed.  The words we shared and the hugs we gave when we said goodbye cannot truly ever express how I feel for this woman.  She gave me hope and so much more.  Nothing I can say will ever be enough.

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  1. She's been such a part of your lives. I can see why it's hard to say goodbye!

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