September 1, 2011 at 1:41 am

Closet #4, Our DIY Project

Yesterday we finished the main part of Gabriel’s closet.  When we moved in about a year ago we had a grand total of 2 closets for all six of us.  That was not going to work!  Daddy D got to work right away on making a closet in the Master Bedroom.  When that was completed we had an okay ratio of 2 per closet.

But yesterday we were able to install the clothes bar and the shelf rendering a 4th closet in this house!  I was so excited.  Moments after these pictures were taken I quickly moved all of Gabe’s clothes and belongings into his new closet.

Speaking of hanging the shelf, check that baby out.  If you are a fan of Crate & Barrel it might look strangely familiar to you.  That’s because the Crate & Barrel outlet store near us went out of business three days ago (insert a very sad face here).  But during our last trek there they were selling the fixtures.  So we picked up a heavy duty shelf for Gabe’s closet at a whopping $5.

After we got home, Daddy D had the brilliant idea that the whole shelving system would be great for a pantry makeover.  When I was skeptical about how much they could hold, he rightly reminded me that they hold full shelves of glassware in the stores.  Touche.  So first thing in the morning it was back to the Crate & Barrel to pick up 16 more shelves, the rails for the wall, the brackets that insert into them and support the shelves and the various hardware.  So one more rather involved project on the horizon for us!

Of course we need to finish this one completely first. We are still in need of moldings around the door, and the door needs to be painted and put back.  But it holds clothes now, which is all I really need it to do.  Daddy D has already cut the moldings and I have spray painted the bright brass hinges and screws that come standard with a new door a much more appealing Oil Rubbed Bronze.  Just some painting of the door frame, moldings and door itself and we will be done!

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