November 17, 2011 at 2:07 am

The Door Project and 3 More…

Last Friday we did indeed put in the new door.  But it has been a whirlwind of sick kids, doctor’s appointments and other projects that have kept us more than busy.  Add to that gray, dreary skies and rain showers daily and the door project isn’t totally finished.  And neither are these…
My downstairs bathroom is getting a mini-makeover using Martha Stewart’s specialty paint line from Home Depot.  It is taking a lonnnngg while to do, but I think in the end it will look great.
We have also been building some things.  Yep.  Building. Things like these two Gallery Ledges for Gabriel’s room that need another coat of paint and then are ready to go.  Can’t wait to share with you how they took less than 20 minutes and $10 to make.
This is our HUGE project right now.  We are almost at two weeks of working on this.  It is massive.  It is about 80% done.  I can’t wait to finish it.  Let’s just say I got the inspiration from a catalog.  It cost $1,000 to buy it.  I am thinking we’ll have spent between $175 to make it custom to our house.  That’s a win!
And here it is…the long awaited door.  Which one did we go with?  
Oh, I wouldn’t make it that easy 😉  
We have the door installed and our new Schlage handset and nifty deadbolt.  But we still need to finish trimming it out (we need different boards than what were on there).  We also need to PAINT!  I have the paint ready to go, but rainy days aren’t conducive to painting a front door.  We also need to install the kickplate on the bottom to protect the new door from all of those little feet!  
So lots going on here.  Hoping to wrap things up this weekend and have lots of fun DIY posts for you soon!

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  1. I love the handset! And I can't wait to see which door you picked:)

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