December 9, 2011 at 3:52 am

My Birthday Project aka 34 Acts of Random Kindness

Yesterday was my 34th birthday.  I was feeling rather eh about it all, and then I came across The Birthday Project through Pinterest.  In a matter of minutes I was excited and looking forward to the day.

It took 5 hours and 5 minutes of driving around to get it all done, but I accomplished my goal of 34 acts of random kindness for my 34th birthday (and then some).  Eli, my youngest son, was a trooper.  Being 3 and my only boy not in school he was my sidekick.  He took a mini power nap between towns, but managed to stick the whole thing out without any major meltdowns.

So here they are, my 34 (+) acts of random kindness:

1)  I left a box of gingersnap cookies in the mailbox for our mailman
2)  Stuffed the Ronald McDonald house donation box at our local restaurant
3)  Had breakfast with my mom and stepfather and surprised my mom with a box of Peppermint tea
4)  Dropped off brownies to our local radio station, Thunder 102

5)  Stopped in to see the ladies at our county chamber of commerce and brought cookies
6)  Taped microwave popcorn to Redboxes with signs that said “a little something to help you enjoy the movie”

7) Brought a dozen cupcakes to our county HEAP department, where they have been working late into the night almost every day to make sure that people get heat.
8)  Dropped off coloring books and crayons for the room used for supervised visitation.
9) Gave toys to the Toys for Tots
10) Dropped off infant feeding items and food to the Sullivan County Pregnancy Support Center
11) Thanked our local police department with brownies
12)  Wrote each of the boys’ teachers a handwritten thank you note and placed them in their mailboxes at school.
13)  Gave the elementary school secretaries cookies.
14)  Donated two boxes of dog food for the Kindergarten pet supplies drive to benefit the local shelter.
15)  Brought a batch of chocolate chip cookies with a note of encouragement to a family going through a parent with a serious illness.
16)  Left a birthday balloon on the doorstep of a friend who was born five minutes apart from me in the same hospital on the same day.  This ended up being one of my favorite things, as he opened the door before I left and invited Eli and I in.  We chatted and caught up for awhile and it was great!
17)  Put two bags of clothes into the donation bin
18)  Brought 20 Christmas cards that had been filled out with a handwritten message to our local nursing home to be distributed to residents.
19)  Loaded washing machines at the laundromat with quarters.
20)  Put signs up on bulletin boards:
21)  Parked far away from Walmart on a rainy day, leaving the up close parking spaces available.
22)  Put away carts left in between vehicles.
23)  Left quarters with a note on the soda machine
24)  Handed out candy canes to all of the kids who were holiday shopping with their parents in Walmart.  They were so excited!  And nothing beats Eli walking through the aisles yelling “Hey kids, I gots candy canes!”
25)  Helped a woman load her groceries into the car in the rain.
26)  Loaded all of the gumball type machines with quarters for some lucky kiddos!
27)  Mailed a postcard to a serviceman 
28)  Sent my in-laws school pictures of the boyz.
29)  Gave my favorite mailman one of his favorite candies and a kiss! 
(Daddy D)
30)  Left stamps on the counter in the post office
31)  Let a woman go in front of me in line
32)  Brought a bag of food to the Federation for the Homeless
33)  Gave cookies to the EMTs
34)  Left recent Better Homes and Gardens issues at the hospital for waiting rooms and patients.  The woman at the front desk was so excited, and emotionally told me how she had just been talking about needing new magazines and I had made her day!
35)  Brought cupcakes to my siblings (and nieces)!
and finally 36)  Purposefully spent extra one on one time with each boy in the afternoon and evening.
It was an absolutely amazing day!  I can say that I conservatively touched over 100 people yesterday, and probably a heck of a lot more than that.  But more than that, I walked away feeling happy, my soul nourished from within.  There were smiles.  There were hugs.  There were squeals.  There were raised eyebrows.  There was appreciation.  But most of all there was love.  From my heart to all of theirs.  And that makes for an amazing way to start my next year.  
**Want to see more of the my acts of random kindness photos?  Check out the album on my facebook fan page here**


  1. You are such an amazing lady. I love this. Happy birthday mama!!

  2. This is AMAZING!!! A friend and I have been doing the 29 Gifts project and it has been a fantastic expierence. We are on Day 27, but you took everything, rolled into ONE day and did extra. You are my hero. I hope to be able to do all of these things… you are quite the inspiration!

  3. First… Happy Birthday Momma D (again!) and Second… You made me cry! I saw the pictures yesterday on your FB page and decided that everyday I needed at least one act of random kindess…. Today, I held the door for the ladies at the post office even though I was freezing. Then I took David's son with me to the bank purposly so he could have a candy cane, and to fisih it off, I gave a family with no Christmas decorations a box of stuff I wasn't using! (The lady said she wouldn't have even celebrated the holiday if she hadn't gotten those decorations!) So, Thank You for inspiring me to committ random acts of kindess! You are an awesome human Jen! 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday Jen!!! You did an amazing thing! I loooove it! Your an amazing woman and I'm glad I have you as a friend!

  5. I love you Jenn! You are an inspiration and a blessing to everyone you meet.

  6. Kim @ Sand and Sisal says:

    You brought tears of joy to my eyes! Beautiful acts of simple kindness. 🙂

  7. Life by Cynthia says:

    Awesome! I'm inspired. You are a beautiful person! SO happy that I found my way to you via twitter party. Didn't win a prize but found your wonderful blog! Now that's WINNING! I love this post. Happy Belated birthday!

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