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December 16, 2011 at 2:00 am

Glitter Covered Ornaments Craft

Recently I showed you this picture I had found on pinterest.

I decided that I wanted to make some for my mantle, but didn’t have any of the old, large lightbulbs that were used.  Instead I went to my favorite place for craft supplies, the local dollar store.

I found these that were similar in ornament form (not breakable, wohoo!).  Better yet they were a bit beat up and from last year, so they were marked down to 50 cents.  Win!

I bought several and I decided to try my hand at a product that swept the craft blogs around Halloween this year, Krylon Glitterblast.  I loved what I had seen, and I could not resist the lure of a fabulous glittered surface that it promised straight out of the can.

First I used painters tape to wrap the bottoms to avoid an entirely blue covered ornament.

Then I took them outside and sprayed away.

Except that I had the hardest time with the product.  It would spray even when I wasn’t touching the can.  I shook and shook and did everything according to the directions, and yet I would get mostly the clear binder and no glitter.  Then when the glitter came it was kind of all over the place and uncontrollable.

After an entire can used to only cover the 8 ornaments, well-they weren’t sufficiently covered.  One side was kind of covered.

Now I use Krylon quite a bit for various products.  I thought I must have a defective can.  I called the 800 number and they promptly sent not one but two replacement cans to me.

And it happened again.  After the SECOND can did the same things, and the ornaments were still not covered well I had to break open can number three.  So three cans later, if bought retail amounting over $20, I have decent looking ornaments.

I kind of really love them in my apothecary jar.

But if doing this yourself, skip the spray glitter.  Cover in glue, roll in some fabulous Martha Stewart fine glitter and be done with it.  You’ll thank me.

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  1. That looks very pretty and simple enough that even I could make it. I doubt I get any more decorating done this year, but I'll have to keep that idea in mind for next year.

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