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December 22, 2011 at 11:18 pm

Nutter Butter Snowman Cookies

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I have been pinning Christmas ideas for months onto my Pinterest board.  When I first came across these in October while cuddling a sick kiddo and surfing while he slept, I couldn’t wait to make them for the holidays.  Fast forward to a crazy couple of weeks of school holiday concerts, cub scout parties, Christmas shopping and yesterday I was going through the school papers and there was a reminder that tomorrow was the holiday party for Kindergarten.

I love making cupcakes and cakes, but have found that there are a lot of moms who send in cupcakes for a class party.  So many do so, and usually the kids only get to choose one.  I wanted to send something different, and if it was small I could put it in a tupperware in his backpack rather than having to drive in large containers of cupcakes.  I pulled up my Pinterest boards and there in my My Pretty Purse I found the picture of the original done by My Pretty Purse.

I made some adjustments to some of the materials I had on hand and went to the grocery store for the rest.  For this project I needed:

Nutter Butter Cookies
Wilton White Candy Melts
Orange Tic Tacs
Candy Coated Chocolates
Chocolate pre-made icing
Wax Paper
Double Boiler or Chocolate Melter
Fondue fork, toothpick or skewer

First I covered the Nutter Butters in candy melts.  I used my favorite tool for working with the candy melts, the Wilton Chocolate Pro Electric Chocolate Melter.  I purchased it at the Wilton tent sale this summer and have used it for everything from dipping pretzels and marshmallows to making candy coated pretzels.

My tips for dipping the Nutter Butters are from trial and error.  I used a fondue fork and turned the cookies sideways, placing the fork into the center.  Think like a bowtie with the stick out of the center.  Next I held the  Nutter Butter over the container and spooned the melted candy on top of it, letting it roll over the sides and onto the bottom.  If you dip the cookie straight into the candy pot one of two things will happen, the cookie will fall off into the pot or it will break.  It is just too much weight.

Tap the stick on the side of the pot as you hold it to help remove excess and get out air bubbles.  Then place it directly onto the wax paper.  I did three at a time and then paused to place the candies into the setting coating.  For the nose, place one orange tic tac right in the center of the upper part.  Then place two candy coated chocolates onto the bottom portion.

After they have set, it takes just over half an hour, add your facial features and arms.  I used a small amount from a ready-made tub of chocolate frosting I had on hand.  Using a disposable decorator bag and a #3 Wilton decorating tip I piped on the features.  You could also use a plastic baggie with the tip cut off.

I was able to package them up in the morning and send them off to school.  They were a huge hit!

I received the Wilton Chocolate Pro without charge, but was not required to post on it.  All opinions and views expressed are my own.


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