February 1, 2012 at 5:07 am

Kitchen Update #4

Things here have been busy.  We are still working on kitchen updates as January comes to a close.  There were some snags this week.  The remaining drawer pulls that I ordered weeks ago still haven’t come.  Actually, I contacted the company and they are now backordered for another two weeks.  Ugh.

The one project I have been working on ended up being a craft fail.  The product doesn’t work as intended, and now I am in search of something that will.

I’ve also made more work for us this week, as I went to give the pantry door a fresh coat of paint and realized that that had been done one too many times.  So we took down the door and stripped the coats and coats of paint.  We are almost finished sanding, and then we can paint.

Things that went right this week?  We installed the tile backsplash and even got it grouted.  We still need to seal the new grout and caulk the edges.  I promise pictures soon!

Now that February is beginning we had to evaluate our 2012 plan.  We wanted to concentrate on one room a month, which should mean we would be moving on to a new room.  But with so much left to go in the kitchen we don’t really want to move on.  So we compromised.  We are going to continue work in the kitchen.  But we will also work on on our downstairs bathroom.

In November I started a specialty finish product on the walls in our bathroom.  But Home Depot ran out of the product.  We moved on to other projects, and it still isn’t done.  But the product is now in.  So we will finish the paint in the bathroom.  We also plan on stripping that door too, as well as changing out the door molding.  Then just some decorative details and that room will be done.

With the short bathroom list, we are hoping that we will have plenty of time to keep plugging away on the kitchen.  The more we do, the more exciting we are about the new look and functionality of the room!  Stay tuned!

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