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March 14, 2012 at 12:32 am

Lego Themed Tiered Birthday Cake

Lego Birthday Cake
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Gabe and Nate had a Lego Extravaganza birthday party last weekend.  As per our tradition, I made their cake.
The first layer was covered in fondant bricks.  I first covered the entire bottom layer in red fondant.  Then I made all of the bricks by pressing them in a chocolate mold I purchased off of Amazon.  Building Blocks Chocolate Candy Mold – Perfect for Lego Party  for $2.30!  I used the Wilton primary colored fondant packages to save time and to have those vivid bright colors.
For the top layer I covered it in fondant tinted with Golden Yellow Wilton Gel.  I then made the face using black fondant, and then covered the bottom of the board and where the cakes met with red bricks made with the same mold, but cut in half.
Finally I added each of the boy’s names to the sides of the top layer in a Lego style font.
Lighting the candles, six on one side for Nate & eight on the other for Gabe
Happy birthday to Gabriel and Nathan!

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  1. Wow that cake is amazing! Happy birthday to them!

  2. Jen that cake is adorable! I love the names in the Lego font! I think I may need to start working on a Lego bday party soon:)

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