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July 9, 2012 at 3:16 am

3rd Birthday Princess Castle Cake

Princess Castle Cake
Today is my niece’s third birthday!  Yesterday it was a pleasure to attend her princess themed birthday party.  She actually called me two months ago and told me that she wanted a Pwincess Cassle for her birthday cake.  Living in a world of boyz, I get very excited to make anything pink and girly.
  This is my pretty princess niece and goddaughter
She was so polite and gave every present and gift giver her undivided attention
And here she is blowing out the candle on her cake!
Now for the cake details!  The base of the cake is a 3″ tall 10″ round and a 3″ tall 6″ round on top.  They were then crumb coated in buttercream and then fondant.
The tower are all made with rice krispie treats with a dowel down the center.  The tops are sugar cones cut to size.  They are again given a thin coat of buttercream and then fondant.
The front of the cake features a step walkway up to the castle.  This was achieved by molding the stairs of the cereal treats, then covered with buttercream and a gray fondant.
To make the flags, I thinly rolled fondant (I used the premade Wilton Pastel Pink, so easy to get the perfect girl pink!).  Then I cut the shape of the flag, folded it onto itself on the end of a wooden skewer.  I put a dowel underneath the flag as it dried overnight to give it that wave.
To make the brick pattern on all of the castle features, I just marked horizontal lines all of the way around the object, then using a pair of tweezers from my Wilton Deluxe Gum Paste Tools I marked the bricks.  This kept a nice even distance all of the way around.
To make the roofing I used my Wilton fondant ribbon cutter with the scalloped edge.  I just layered them one on top of the other.  When I was finished I painted them with water and then covered them with Wilton White Cake Sparkles to add a pretty sparkle.
All of the remaining details were made with the fabulous Wilton Baroque Fondant and Gum Paste Mold.  Just press your fondant piece into the silicone mold, then take it out.  I trim the edges with an exacto knife for a nice clean look.  This mold created the bead border on the first layer, as well as the roses and leaves.
The borders on the castle were also done using this mold.  I also used it for the scrolls and the hearts.  I then painted those and the doors with silver.  You paint the item first with lemon extract, the paint with the Silver Dust.  I then outlined the doors with edible sprinkle pearls.
I love how it came out, and more than that I was proud that my little Mocha Cub loved it as well!
I am a Wilton Mom Ambassador and as such have received some of these products for free.  As always, all opinions and experiences are my own.

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