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September 28, 2012 at 7:25 pm

Won’t Back Down Movie Review

The Moms.

In August I was privileged to be a part of a screening of the movie Won’t Back Down during BlogHer.  Following the movie we had the opportunity to listen to the director as well as Maggie Gyllenhaal, Viola Davis and Rosie Perez talk about the film.  They also answered questions from the audience during this event, hosted by The Moms.


won't back down

I found the film though provoking and inspirational.  There are some real issues discussed that truly hit home.  Things like teachers who are truly just there for the paycheck and not for the education of the children charged to them.  And unions so intent on their protocols that the teachers who are ineffective stay in place.

I sat next to a teacher during the movie.  She turned to me and asked if there really were teachers like those portrayed.  Sadly, I had to tell her yes.  Conveying some of our own family experiences in hushed tones while the movie played.

Maggie Won't Back Down

These are huge issues, not solved by a film.  Not even one that is emotional, provocative and important.  But maybe the conversations that will be started will do something.  Anything.

My favorite thing about this film is the mother who advocates for her child.  To get her child the education that every child deserves.  That fights to help her not only at home, but in big ways.  And not just for her child, but all of the children in the community.

Viola Davis Won't Back Down

Every one of the stars would talk about their favorite teachers.  Ones that made the difference in their lives.  We all have them.  I hope that in the end, my boyz will have more of those teachers-the ones that have passion and love for their students.  We need more of those.  We need to do something.  Which is what this movie will hopefully inspire.

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