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October 29, 2012 at 2:21 am

Halloween Float 2012, The Wild West

This is our Halloween Parade Float 2012, The Wild West


Yesterday was the annual Halloween parade in our town.  I love participating in this community event each year.  I remember doing so when I was a kid growing up here.  And I love being a part of the Halloween Parade Committee, volunteering and planning to help keep this local tradition going.

 Every year we do a float.  I make all of the costumes.  Daddy D and I build the set together.  Whatever theme, we create a world sixteen feet long for our boyz and their friends and family.

This year was our favorite float we have made.  We did the Wild West.  Each of the buildings are two sided, making both sides of the float with a village going down main street.

There were bad guys


DSCN4102There was a Sheriff and Deputies




and Saloon Girls


Thank you to Daddy D, my partner in crime


I love walking through all of life hand in hand


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