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October 29, 2012 at 4:41 pm

Minecraft Costume, DIY Steve

Minecraft Costume, a DIY SteveMinecraft Costume DIY Steve

My eldest boy, Seth, showed me a costume he wanted to use his allowance money to purchase.  It was a Minecraft Steve head that was running over $30.  Literally $30 for a cardboard box.  I am not a Minecraft fan.  I have never played the game, but this got my craftiness flowing for sure!

First we found a square box to use.  Then I measured the sides.  All pictures I found showed a 8 x 8 grid for the pixelated pattern.  So I divided the side of the box by eight.  Then I used the closest measurement on my Cricut and programed it to cut squares.  Lots and lots of squares in shades of brown, beige and  white.

Using the inspiration picture, I set out the face on the table in the pattern.

Minecraft Costume DIY Steve

Leave the eye holes open, you’ll end up just cutting away the cardboard there.

Minecraft Costume DIY Steve MommaDandDaBoyz.netI was ready to glue down the squares on the box.  First though, I drew out a grid to mark the center of the box.

Minecraft Costume DIY Steve

And then I started to glue everything down.  I just used my handy dandy glue gun.

Minecraft Costume DIY Steve

And I kept gluing….

Minecraft Costume DIY Steve

And gluing

Minecraft Costume DIY Steve

We cut out the eyes.  We also trimmed the edges to the box.

Minecraft Costume DIY Steve

Then repeated the process for the sides and back.


Minecraft Costume DIY Steve

I had all of the scrapbook paper in my stash.  And of course I have a whole drawer of hot glue.  The box was from a UPS shipment to the house.  So the cost for this project was:  FREE!  We added a teal shirt I picked up at AC Moore on sale for $2.50.

Even better, Momma earned cool bonus points from the almost-teen!

Minecraft Costume DIY Steve


  1. Teri Ramirez says:

    That is awesome!! Great job!

  2. what size box did you use?

  3. Too funny! I am thinking about raiding the closest paint store and get their paint chips 😉

  4. I don’t have a cricut but my brain is telling me the same thing as Faye Mc. I’m going to be heading to Home Depot and grabbing sample paint cards like crazy and get started cutting and gluing! Thanks for the idea, and great job!!!

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