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November 7, 2012 at 1:53 am

Our Hurricane Sandy Experience

Our Hurricane Sandy Experience

Our family of six reside in the Catskill Mountains.  About one hundred miles north of New York City.  We live on about two acres of wooded land.  Great for four growing boyz.  Not so much when a hurricane comes to town.

We spent all of Monday night in our living room.  Sleeping bags and blankets en masse.  A fire roaring in the fireplace.  We lost power right before dinner.  The boyz huddled together listening to the wind whip.  The clicking sounds of the tall, spindle like trees tapping each other as they bent and swayed in the swirling air.  Quite often we heard the crack and crash of a tree toppling.

The lights flickered back on in the late evening.  But before we even had the chance to get excited our whole front yard was bathed in a brilliant blue light as a transformer exploded.  That was it.  No more power.

The morning sun arose, the winds and rain and brunt of Sandy gone.  Left behind was a mess.  We were blessed that nothing fell onto our house.

We lost a huge tree near our house that fell across the road, and subsequently the trailer we had borrowed the week before for our float.Hurricane Sandy Sullivan County NY

We also lost a rather large tree in our backyard.  It was a small miracle the way it fell, two separate chunks breaking off and crashing to the ground.  But only light branches kissing the playset.

Hurricane Sandy Sullivan County NY

Overall we are incredibly blessed.

Hurricane Sandy Sullivan County NY

What we were left with was quite a bit of firewood to heat the house next winter. 

Hurricane Sandy Sullivan County NY

But we still didn’t have power.  Or school.  In the end the boyz ended up having now school the entire week.  As day after day stretched by with no power, no electronics and no school  things got monotonous.  I ended up cleaning one afternoon purely for entertainment. 

I also found myself doing little trivial tasks around the house just to keep my mind occupied.  We now have perfectly sharpened pencils at the ready for homework.

Hurricane Sandy Sullivan County NY

Day after day and still no signs of power.  The eldest boy went to a friends house for Thursday and Friday.  Four boyz at home with nothing to do means lots of using your imagination.  In a household of boyz that means epic battles.  Knights and dragons.  Pirates.  Cowboys.  Star Wars.  Skylanders.  It was getting downright dangerous up in here.

So Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday there was no power.  Then Friday at about 9:45  I heard the trucks.  I went up to the road and to the right there were trucks and to the left there were power trucks!

Hurricane Sandy Sullivan County NY

We had 5 different teams and trucks on our road.  They hailed from Missouri, North Dakota and Massachusetts.

Hurricane Sandy Sullivan County NY

It took the team more than five and a half hours to restore power to our street.  It was incredible to watch. 

Hurricane Sandy Sullivan County NY

We are so incredibly grateful.  Thank you to everyone for your thoughts, prayers, emails, tweets and Facebook posts.  They meant a lot. I am incredibly grateful that my family and my home are safe. 

My small town community was not so lucky.  Tomorrow I will share some pictures of the place I call home and what Sandy has done here.


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  2. I’ve been thinking about you! Glad you are safe! Being from NOLA, I can certainly sympathize with how you are feeling. Didn’t you want to kiss those electrical workers?? It’s the best feeling to see them!!

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