January 8, 2013 at 1:57 pm

A Saturday In The City With Seth


A Saturday in the City With Seth

After attending a special event for the blog last month, I was left with an afternoon with my eldest son in New York City.  He is an architecture aficionado and looks at books and old magazines.  I loved being able to take him to some of his favorite buildings. 

Here he is looking up at the Empire State Building.


He loved the New York Public Library.  I want to take this picture again in ten years.  I am sure his stature will be much different!


New York during the holidays is simply magical.  He loved the Christmas themed sculptures.


We had this amazing discussion about light and refraction after staring at these bulbs for awhile.


Of course we had to see the tree at Rockefeller Center.


Seth is about to turn 13 in the next few months.  In all of the tween angst and anxiety it is rare to get an entire day of sheer joy from him.


We both loved this day.  He got to see so many wonderful things and even meet one of his favorite authors.  It is something I will treasure forever.  A day with my firstborn.  So many smiles.  Beautiful memories.


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  1. My daughter is 13 now so I can totally relate. Gone are the entire weekends of “girly” activities with her – she’d much rather be with her friends. Glad you could enjoy the day with your boy! {Love the pics too!}

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