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January 18, 2013 at 6:52 pm

Owl Hand Warmers

Owl Hand Warmers

Owl Hand Warmers

When my sister was planning Minnie’s birthday party she was looking for something to go on the tables, as well as party favors.  I had been perusing owl projects on Pinterest and I thought this would fit the bill and take care of both needs!  Owl hand warmers, perfect for an owl themed birthday at the end of December!

I followed this tutorial from Repeat Crafter Me on how to create these adorable hand warmers.  It even comes with a handy dandy template!  But I decided to leave off the hearts, as there were many male attendees and I didn’t want them to come off as too cutesy.  First I cut all of the pieces needed out of felt.  Then I did the embroidery on the fronts using different colors of embroidery floss.  I used three strands.

Then I stitched them together using a sewing machine.  I did a U-shape around the edges first, then filled with plain white rice.  Then I stitched across the top.  The tutorial shows embroidery done to secure it all around.  But after painstakingly doing 50 (!) of the embellishments I figured the machine stitching would be faster, and also hold in the rice more securely and long term.

Owl Hand Warmers

I made fifty in a bunch of different color combinations.  My sister placed them down the center of the long tables (this is just a portion of the table) amidst a bunch of flower punch outs.  So cute!

Owl Hand Warmers

Microwave for 25-30 seconds and you have nice warm owls to stick in your pockets and keep your hands warm!  The boyz love doing this before they have to wait for the bus in the morning.

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