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January 18, 2013 at 1:31 am

Owl Rag Quilt

Owl Rag Quilt

Owl Rag Quilt Butterfly Simplicity 2935

In keeping with what seems to be this week’s theme, owls, I wanted to share the projects that I made for my two nieces for Christmas.  Minnie adores owls, and as my sister follows the same color coded organization by child that I do, her color is purple.

I used the Simplicity Sewing Pattern 2935 Crafts for this rag quilt.

 It was a great stash buster in that I gathered up all of the extra fabric pieces I had and used them.  The yellow beak is actually the same fabric used in the baby quilt I made that both her sister and she used.  Her costume from our Wild West themed Halloween float was also purple, and the tail, outer eyes and upper parts of the wings use those remnants.

Although I am a rather experienced sewer, I did find this pattern to be a bit difficult and not clear cut in it’s instructions.  I am not big on quilting.  In fact, the only three quilt type projects that I have ever done are these two rag quilts featured and the aforementioned crib quilt.  But in the end I did manage to get it all done!

My Minnie opening the present on Christmas day…

Owl Rag Quilt Butterfly Simplicity 2935

She loved it!

Owl Rag Quilt Butterfly Simplicity 2935

So much so that she immediately had to test it out.

Owl Rag Quilt Butterfly Simplicity 2935

This is the one I made for her sister, in her signature pink color.  I loved that the eyes of this butterfly are from extra fabric left over from the owl.

Owl Rag Quilt Butterfly Simplicity 2935

I do have to say that looking at the pattern in the store I did think that these were about half of the size that they ended up being.  I wanted to hold them up so that you could get a sense of the actual dimensions.  Minnie did not want to let it out of her sight.

Owl Rag Quilt Butterfly Simplicity 2935

She decided rather quickly that she was not pleased with me holding it and wanted it back!

Owl Rag Quilt Butterfly Simplicity 2935

My recommendation would be to only tackle this if you are at an intermediate to advanced level.  And have very sharp scissors for all of the fraying of the edges!

Check out this week’s other owl themed projects, the owl birthday cake and the owl wings tutorial.

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  1. you are such a great aunt, I love the quilts!!

  2. Those quilts are beautiful ! I think you should market them!
    You are amazing Aunt Jennifer!

  3. what type material did you use for it to fray that good?I need to make for great grandaughter.

  4. I have pattern what type material did you use for it to fray so good cotton flannel fleece or other ? please send a reply

    • I used cotton fabric and quilters calico fabric mostly. Then did one or two fabric choices with cotton flannel. Not fleece. Fleece will not fray. The cotton based fabrics do fray nicely and give a nice “fuzz” in between after a few washings.

  5. Thank you ! I’m starting this quilt in 2 days and have planned modifications, but was edgy about how big the pattern seems to be. Your pictures gave me the info I needed, and GREAT inspiration !!! Nice job !!

  6. I’m so glad I read your post. (Came over from csi) I’m not a quilter, but I have this pattern. I know if you had trouble, I will, so I may do something with easier piecing before I use this patter. I really want to quilt and if I don’t start small, I’ll get scared off and never try again!

    Yours came out lovely, and it’s cool that the 2 coordinate without being too matchy. You did a wonderful job!

  7. I think my daughter would love the owl! She had an Owl Costume for Carnival…

  8. These are SUCH adorable quilts! Good job, mama!

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  10. Hi, I am hoping you can help me with understanding the instructions for the butterfly quilt.

    when you cut 4 pieces of material of 1 pattern piece, are you suppose to sew 2 pieces right side together, then sew the other 2 pieces of material right sides together, then sew those 2 sections together with or without the fleece in the middle?

    Thank You so much for your help.

  11. Thank you for showing the size!! I am hoping to get the owl one made up for my DD but wasn’t sure how big it would end up 😀 Perfect for her size (she’s 9yrs old).

    Yours turned out gorgeous! I’ve never quilted either but am a pretty experienced sewist. I hope mine turns out as nice as yours!

  12. Terri Meehan says:

    Can you help, I am making the Butterfly quilt but not sure about the spots on the wings. Do they go on both sides? You are told to cut out double. Please help!

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