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January 24, 2013 at 2:44 am

Valentine’s Day Subway Art Canvas

Valentine’s Day Subway Art CanvasValentine Subway Art Cricut

I have been working on my Valentine’s Day mantle this week.  Yesterday I made a Pom Pom wreath to celebrate the holiday.  Today I wanted to show you my subway art. 

I started out by purchasing a 10 x 10 canvas at my local craft store.  Be sure it is a gallery wrapped canvas, meaning that the canvas continues around the sides and then is stapled to the frame in the back.  Then using just acrylic paint and a sponge roller from the dollar store I painted the base of the canvas red.  When painting be sure to also get the sides painted, as they will be seen as well!

Valentine Subway Art Cricut

This is a project that I made with my Cricut Word Collage Cartridge craft cutting machine. This was a Christmas present two years ago from Daddy D and I still love it!

I received the Vinyl for Christmas this year from him.  If you love subway art this is a great cartridge and is not too pricey.  It also has lots of holidays as well as sports, travel and other themes.  I look forward to this being the first of many for my mantle throughout the year!


I cut out the collage at a 9 1/4” size on Vinyl.  Any color will do, as it will not be staying.  Then peel the front away from the letters very carefully.

Valentine Subway Art Cricut

Place the vinyl onto your canvas.  Be sure to run a popsicle stick over it to make sure all of the edges are stuck to the canvas and to minimize bleeding of the paint under the vinyl.  Also be sure to put the center of letters, like o and e, back into the collage where they may have remained with the letters previously.

Valentine Subway Art Cricut

Using a pouncer (a sponge of sorts)  cover the stencil with acrylic paint in a complimentary color.  I chose light pink.

Valentine Subway Art Cricut

Be sure to cover the entire area and check for red canvas peeking through.

Valentine Subway Art Cricut

Then remove the template while the paint is still wet.  I let my canvas dry overnight before removing the center of letters, though.  Here is my finished canvas.

Valentine Subway Art Cricut

It was a fun and relatively easy project!

Valentine Subway Art Cricut

It really compliments tomorrow’s project well!  Come back to see a Chevron Heart canvas then!


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