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January 30, 2013 at 6:37 pm

Social Media Square Cupcakes

Social Media Square CupcakesSocial Media Square Cupcakes

As a Wilton Mom Ambassador I was excited to hear that they are coming out with some great new cupcake products.  Just in time for birthday season to start around here!  I received a box of great goodies to try, and next week I’ll be giving away the same huge assortment of cupcake items to one lucky reader, so check back next Wednesday!

The first thing that inspired me was this great Perfect Results 12 Cavity Bar Pan.  The individual squares make making brownies in single servings easy and absolutely perfectly portioned ever time.  Add a cupcake liner, and you can make fun square shaped cupcakes.  Perfect for cupcake collages, or anything that a circle just won’t do!


Social Media Square Cupcakes

As a blogger, the first thing I thought of was social media buttons.  Those handy dandy things on my website and everyone elses.  Or even found on your smartphone!

I grabbed these Black & White Block Square Baking Cups and got to work!

9 inch Fondant Roller

Fill cupcake liners about half way.  As you fill them with batter they will sink into the pan.  Don’t try to force them down before filling, they will just pop back up.  Trust me, I tried it.

Social Media Square Cupcakes

Top your cupcakes liberally with a layer of buttercream frosting.

Social Media Square Cupcakes

Then using fondant and Wilton gel colors start playing!  It is like edible clay for adults.  Seriously, it can be a lot of fun.  I recommend the small 9 inch Fondant Roller for smaller, cupcake sized projects.  To adhere fondant to fondant, just brush a bit of water onto the back of the piece you are placing on top and it will act as a glue.

Social Media Square Cupcakes

Here is probably the most recognized and popular social media icon…

Social Media Square Cupcakes

Some are a little more blogger related; StumbleUpon, Blogger, RSS and Share This.

Social Media Square Cupcakes

Another bonus to square cupcakes?  You can stack them a bit if covered in fondant!

Social Media Square Cupcakes

Come back this time next week and enter to win the square cupcake pan, liners and a WHOLE LOT MORE Wilton cupcake supplies!

In the meantime, what social media buttons that I didn’t do that you would like to see?


I am a Wilton Mom Ambassador and received products without charge for the purpose of review.  All opinions and experiences expressed are my own.


  1. Jenn, these are phenomenal!

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  3. so cute! and they look delicious:) and yay for StumbleUpon, it’s probably one of my most favorite websites! I could spend hours on there!

  4. Timberlyn Pycior says:

    That is such a cool idea to make square cupcakes… I think you can make them look like little robots…

  5. I think I’d have trouble eating something so artistic! LOL

    That pan is now on my Amazon wish list.

  6. Those cupcakes are adorable! And I love the idea of square cupcakes! So different!

  7. Those are super cute

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