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March 26, 2013 at 3:46 am

Our Kitchen Ceiling, Part I

Our kitchen ceiling is a bit of a mess.  Even more than a bit.  And we have no ceiling light.  We have up lights on top of the cabinets, but no flush light, pendant or the like.


The fact that the ceiling is such a disaster we have been looking into ways to fix it.  But as our house is old and includes quite a bit of plaster or two layers of drywall it seemed overwhelming.  It was just cosmetic.  But it bugged me all of the time.


I mean, it was wavy gravy.  Bumps and lumps.  Cracks and crevices.

DSCN5523So when I was reading the new DIY book from Young House Love and came across the perfect idea to remedy the ceiling I was more than thrilled.  I can’t wait to show you!

But in the meantime, since we were going to be doing some big changes to the ceiling it seemed the perfect time to fix the lighting situation.  Lucky for me, Daddy D is mighty handy and learned tons and tons working on a maintenance crew for the early years of our marriage.  He had a plan, and we got to it.

The thing is, what I haven’t shared for the last almost three months, Daddy D is injured.  He was injured on the job on January 3rd and chipped his ankle.  Because he walks upwards of 12 miles a day and has to be cleared to return to full duty, he has been home ever since.  After the first month he is able to stand and do some activity, but can’t even walk a mile.  This has left him more than a little stir crazy.  So we have been doing small projects for little amounts each day.

That leaves me with a lot of the grunt work.  I had to do the demo.  And Daddy D grabbed the camera, not my favorite thing to be photographed.



Then, once the holes were made, Daddy D took a turn on the ladder and was able to get the wiring done.


So now we have a pendant light.  I wasn’t interested in anything too large or chandelier like.  Our ceilings are pretty tall, so a flush mount fixture on the ceiling wouldn’t have the desired effect of shedding light over the table.  Since this is the prime homework, crafting, dinner eating table in the house that was important.


We did patch in drywall and mud the ceiling, but didn’t bother painting because we knew what we were going to do next.


So now the view has brightened, but we still have our bumpy lumpy problem.


Nothing a little bit of this won’t fix…


Stay tuned!

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