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April 5, 2013 at 10:04 am

Da Boyz, Easter 2013

DSCN6904Every year we take pictures on Easter.  This year the boyz decided to be silly after taking their obligatory pic for mom…

Eli, age 4


Nathan, age 7


Gabriel, age 9


Seth, age (almost) 13


All five of my guys


Momma and her boyz


We had a great day that included church, and Easter egg hunt and time spent with family.  It was a tad bit cold, but at least most of the snow had melted towards the end of the week.  But if you look in the photo above, to the right of the pine tree is still a patch on the ground.  I am really looking for to the arrival of spring in the weather!


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  2. What a brilliant idea! You’ve bguorht some of the classic Christmas tastes into a neat little cupcake package. I’ve got a hankering to eat these with family and friends while reading Luke 2 and staring at the Christmas tree lights.

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