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April 15, 2013 at 12:21 am

Minecraft Stenciled Shirts

Minecraft Stenciled Shirts

Minecraft Stenciled Shirt

This week I am going to feature a ton of Minecraft projects I did for my two middle boyz birthday party.  Today I am showing you the Minecraft Stenciled Shirts I did for the whole family!

I am going to show you the step by step using Daddy D’s Minecraft Chicken Shirt.  The process, however, is exactly the same for all of the shirts.

First I did a Google image search for the Minecraft character I was looking for.  The pixelated nature of the images are perfect for easily stenciling these shirts.  I just printed the image as an 8 x 10 on regular paper from my printer.

Minecraft Stenciled Shirt

The key to this project is the freezer paper.  I personally use online here.  It can probably be purchased in your local grocery store, or online here.  I have used the same roll for over a year now on a lot of different projects.  It is the same one from when I made the Avengers Shirts.

Now, before you start tracing your pattern, look at it with a critical eye.  I didn’t want to do four separate stencils for all four colors, so I decided I could do two stencils each with two colors.

I then traced the pattern of the image onto the stencil.  This is stencil two and will be the black eyes and orange part of the bill.

Minecraft Stenciled Shirt

After you have drawn out the stencil, cut it out with an craft knife.

Minecraft Stenciled Shirt

Then you are ready to start painting your shirt.  These are my two stencils ready to go.

Minecraft Stenciled Shirt

Next, iron the freezer paper to your shirt.  Yep.  Iron the freezer paper right onto the center of the shirt.

Minecraft Stenciled Shirt

Next up, actually painting the shirt.  My favorite paint for stenciling is Tulip Soft fabric paint.  I used black, white and this Widgets of primary colors.  I also love the Widgets for painting with.  It allows me to apply the paint evenly and quickly.

Here are both stencils.  I did the one on the left and then waited for it to dry thoroughly overnight prior to doing stencil 2.  My best tip is that you should CAREFULLY remove the stencil (it pulls right off of the shirt)  immediately after you are finished painting while it is still wet.  This gives you the cleanest, most professional looking lines.

Minecraft Stenciled Shirt

Then you are all set!  Here is Daddy D rocking his Minecraft Chicken shirt at the party…

Minecraft Chicken Shirt

And here are the shirts for our family of six…

Minecraft Stenciled Shirt

Nate’s Creeper Shirt

Minecraft Creeper Shirt

Gabe’s Enderman Shirt

Minecraft Enderman Shirt

Seth’s Ghast Shirt

This one is a little different in that I added cut strips of gray jersey material.  I just cut them with scissors and sewed them on the bottom.

Minecraft Ghast Shirt

Eli’s Cow Shirt.

Yep, he’s saying Moooo for you!

Minecraft Cow Shirt

And Daddy D and I in our Chicken and Pig shirt…

Minecraft Cow Shirt

I purchased most of these shirts on sale at the craft store for $2 a piece.  The freezer paper and pouncers I had on hand.  The paint cost me about $15 for all colors for all shirts.  Out of pocket was approximately $27, less than $5 a shirt for the six of us. If you like a shirt, be sure to use that nifty pin it button over the picture and share!

Tomorrows blog post?  Party games and activities!  Check back and see what we did at our Minecraft party. Widgets


  1. Now this looks super dee duper easy… so easy I can do it. LOL Pinned!

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  4. Thank you! My son wanted new t-shirts for summer, and he will love these.

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  7. Mikey Fetalsana says:

    How did the shirts stand up to washings?

  8. I just found your site…boy are my kids going to be happy! I just wish I had found it before Christmas. 🙂

  9. Very good information. Lucky me I came across your website by accident (stumbleupon).
    I have saved it for later!

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  10. Thank you so much for posting these! I love them and they will be perfect for our Minecraft party this summer!

  11. Ravae Loper says:

    My daughter is turning 9 in August. Her and all her friends are obsessed with minecraft!!! I was looking at purchasing Minecraft Ts from Brothers (justice for boys) but I have to say, these are way cheaper, and honestly… WAY CUTER!!!!
    Thanks so much for posting ALL of these clever crafty ideas! You really took the anxiety and stress out of throwing this party! I KNOW it will be a hit and I am going to have a TON OF FUN making this stuff with my girls!!!!!!

    • I am so glad to be of help! It’s great to know our party has been such an inspiration for others. Be sure to share a photo with me on the Momma D and Da Boyz Facebook page or Instagram!

  12. How long did you let the paint dry?

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  14. Jackie Viramontes says:

    Hello, I stumbled upon your site while looking for a Minecraft shirt for my little sister. I understand you posted this as a craft project but I am a nurse and unfortunately I don’t have much time for anything other than eating, sleeping, and working (hence I am online shopping). I was wondering if you are able to take an order and ship to me? I would obviously cover the supplies and shipping. If this is possible, it would be much appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks again!

    -Jackie Viramontes

  15. Michelle says:

    These shirts are great! I would like to do something similar for my son’s birthday party. Would you be able to share your stencils that you made for the shirts or where you found them. I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you,

  16. I’m ecstatic to come across your blog to find Minecraft do it myself shirts! I was just on looking for Minecraft shirts for my eleven year old daughter, who just so happens to be a NUT about Minecraft…and they had nothing for girls. So, I’m taking matters into my own hands, using your insanely cool instructions and making her her own tshirts! Your the best mom ever!!!!

  17. I love your minecraft shirts! My son loves minecraft so much and his birthday is coming next week. would you able to share your stencils that you made or what site did you find them? I really appreciate it.


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